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Let the blogging begin!

The first of the Oakland Community Voice Project bloggers have launched their first and personal blogs.


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New partner – East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation


A while ago I met Gail McGuire, Assistant Project Manager, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation. Upon describing our ECC Connected! project, she was excited to help. She is working with Lion Creek Crossings, a multi-family housing development in East Oakland. As her organization is serving the same area as ECC we can work togther to identify key community issues to use in training as well as in developing the online civic action component. Very exciting and happy to have Gail and her project to work with!

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Picking tools? Confused? Need help?

A trail has been blazed and it’s called SocialSourceCommons. Here, you can find out what technology tools other nonprofits and NGO organizations are using and their ratings of each tool.

1.Don’t spend a dime without checking here first.

2. Don’t invest your precious time in free tools without checking here first.

In their words…

The ultimate goal of the Social Source Commons (SSC) is to create a “knowledge commons” that maps the NPO/NGO software space and makes sense of the collective expertise related to that software. It aims to provide those who need information on NPO/NGO software access to lists of what’s available, with each list item linked to relevant documentation, localization tools, services and events, user reviews and a place to request the tools and features they can’t find. It is envisioned to catalyze a network of shared resources and contributors rather than simply building a single comprehensive web site or database, connecting the rich but relatively unlinked array of NPO/NGO-focused software information resources that already exist and builds upon it.

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Connections for ECC Connected!

Last night was the One Economy (OE) Annual Gala (OE6), I bumped in to an ally for our project.

Gail McGuire of East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation’s Neighborhood and Economic Development Department.  Once she heard of our project she offered ideas for community issues and involvement. As we put together the program, we will call on her and her organization to participate.

As we move forward we ceratinly will want to reach out to partners.

 At the gala, Mayor Gavin Newsom was honored for his work to create free wireless access for the entire city of San Francisco.


“San Francisco will be the first city in the nation to provide FREE wireless access to every resident,” exclaimed Newsom. He told the story of how a meeting Rey Ramsey, the CEO of OE, inspired the mayor’s competitive spirit and provide free access as opposed to Philadelphia’s access at a price. He celebrated the relationship with Google and Earthlink. 

I bumped in to Emy Tseng, who is now working for the City’s TechConnect initiative. Emy was with the Community Technology Foundation of California when we first became aquainted. Now, she works on behalf of making free wireless a reality.

BTW, NTen is holding a day long conference on municipal wireless, November 10th.

San Francisco’s municipal wireless project will mean that you can create social change in new, bold ways. Soon, your organization, your clients, and your stakeholders will have access to free and low cost wireless Internet access through San Francisco’s TechConnect project.

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Proposal Submitted

It’s 4:59 and I just submitted the proposal for  the ECC Connected project to the Community TEchnology Foundation of California. Keep fingers crossed it is accepted and we’re notified soon.

If all goes well, the team will be lining up for action in putting the project together. Stay tuned!

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Visioning meeting

Yesterday we held a visioning meeting for the ECC Connected! project and generated the curriculum schedule, overall plan, basic budget and objectives which are:

a. Train 10 trainers and 3 Digital Scribes (D-Scribes)

b. Trainers will train up to 30 seniors and 15 youth

c. Connect to at least one legislative issue

d. Structure the project to serve as a seed for larger ECC program goals

e. Connect project to newly elected mayoral administration

The proposal will be submitted in the next day or so and we hope for quick approval so that we may begin development.

I’m looking forward to using the project management tool Jot. I’ve used basecamp and want to compare them.

I could also check out what tools other organizations are using by going to

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Getting started

A group of us has gathered to start a community technology project we’re calling ECC Connected!

With the help of BrainJams, the Social Media Club my colleague Scott of SeniorNet and I will offer a series of trainings to the participants of the Eastmont Computing Center.

 The hope is that the folks will find these tools fun and useful in getting their message across, especially to civic leaders.

The team has had three meetings and a proposal is being finalized for funding from the Community Technology Foundation of California (CTFC).

 This space will serve as a record of the development of the project.

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